New Zealand Juggling & Circus Festival

The New Zealand Juggling & Circus Festival is a four-day family event featuring workshops, shows, and exhibitions (check out the video from last year’s festival if you want to see what to expect). Join up with the juggling community from around New Zealand and all over the world to share skills, participate in workshops, and relax at a the festival site. In 2009 the festival will be in the North, just a short drive from Auckland to Steadfast Park near the Piha community.

Read on for more details. Or send an e-mail.

Approximate Schedule

Thursday 19th
The grand Marquee is open and registration begins. Move in, make yourself at home and it begins with workshops, and movie night

Friday 20th
Workshops, combat tournament, renegade, a community fire jam

Saturday 21st
Workshops, games/activities, olympics, public show, costume ball

Sunday 22nd
Workshops, combat, activities, clean-up, AGM, renegade
The festival officially ends at 3:00 pm.

How can you help?
Firstly you can help publicise the festival….

Tell your mates that the Festival is back in the bush…
Tell them juggling, swinging, twirling …
shows, comedy, fun, relaxation etc
Tell them quality workshops all levels beginners especially welcome
Some people are going to need help getting there…. Hookups

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