Unicon 15. Einradweltmeisterschaft 2009/2010

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The 15th International Unicycle World Championships and Convention (UNICON XV) will take place in Wellington, New Zealand in 2009/2010. UNICON is held every two years, and this will be the first ever Southern Hemisphere UNICON. It is a mix of competitive events as well as a convention style gathering of unicyclists from around the world.

UNICON is open to anyone who can ride a unicycle, and showcases multiple types of unicycling, including Artistic Freestyle, MUni (mountain-unicycling), Street, Track and Field, Unicycle Hockey and Basketball, Road Racing and more!

Come and discover the incredibly vibrant capital city of New Zealand located around a stunning harbour and surrounded by rolling hills. UNICON XV will be based in the heart of the city on the waterfront.

UNIXON XV New Zealand where sport and the arts mix in the heart of the city

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